Friday, December 21, 2012

On the online shooter "Ceasefire"

Sandy Hook has been like other similar events 'doing the rounds', as it were, on the internet. I came across something while browsing about, about an 'online shooter ceasefire', called for by founder and president of GamerFitNation, Antward Pearman.

And I just have a few problems with this. If this is supposed to be about gamers showing solidarity with the 26 victims and their families, I ask...why single out online shooters?

Antward Pearman is claiming that this isn't some sort of blame game. But in my opinion, whether Pearman likes it or not, he is still insinuating an association between one and the other.

And as other have also thought, it's entirely possible that this will just be seen as an admission of guilt or culpability on video gamings part for the shootings.

And secondly, it proliferates a belief I've noticed, that video gamers have no individual capital, other than video games.
Ergo, gamers know no other way to show solidarity, except through playing, or in this case, not playing, video games.

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