Thursday, January 24, 2013

The publisher is dead! Long live the developers!

So, as of today, THQ is no more. It's disheartening to see a publisher go under in a age where EA and Activision are basically locked in war with one another to see who can vacuum more money out of it's customers.

But personally, my concern at this moment is over the future of one studio formerly under the THQ banner, Relic Entertainment...and thus far, things actually look kinda hopeful.

Relic was bought by SEGA, who are also the publishers for Creative Assembly, the studio behind the Total War franchise, and who also themselves entertained into a licensing agreement with Games Workshop (The possibilities). Hopefully the transition is a smooth one, and people get to keep their jobs over there, from the work being put out by the studio, they deserve them.

Company of Heroes 2 is probably my most anticipated game of the year so far, and with any luck, things will keep rolling along towards release as if nothing really happened.

One does have to wonder though how well both the Company of Heroes and Dawn of War franchises will fair under SEGA. SEGA already owns the Total War franchise, one of the other few respectable RTS game series left out there (Command & Conquer is dead to me...). I can't help be get a slight feeling of monopoly from this.

The RTS genre itself, also just seems to be waning.

Then again...when I checked out THQ on Steam not long ago, their catalog was bloated with arguably overpriced DLC. Perhaps a key in their downfall? Hopefully SEGA will be wiser.

THQ is dead. Long live the developers.

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